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  1. This is my third time coming to get an Akubekam treatment. The first was to relieve my backache and I found that it really helped. I have since recommended this miracle treatment to all of my friends and family.

    Today I am here to relieve my tired eyes and I know I am going to walk out feeling like a million bucks. I really recommend Akubekam, even if you have to suffer a little from the sting. Ordinary doctors and medical treatments cannot help you get rid of illnesses instantly like Akubekam.

    Thanks Akubekam!
    - Maznah Muhammad

  2. For two years, I felt stiffness and pain in both my arms that made me unable to raise or flex them. I have tried many healing therapies but none of them were successful. It was my son who finally persuaded me to try Akubekam. At first I was skeptical, especially after talking to my friends, who are medical specialists. However I gave it a try and I am very glad I did!

    I could not believe that after one treatment, I was able to flex and raise both my arms and even touch the ear on the opposite side of my head. I am very thankful to Akubekam and its founder. I hope more people will try this prophetic healing science and be less skeptical because it really works.

    Terima kasih,
    - Yahaya Hj Isa (Putrajaya)

  3. When a friend of mine told me that he underwent a bekam therapy to get rid of the pain in his hands, I laughed, thinking that it was one of those jokes in life. I imagined it being done like traditional bekam treatments in villages 50 years ago, using a pocket knife, a horn and a glass in an unhygienic environment. However, my friend insisted that Akubekam was very hygienic and there was no head shaving (toreh kepala) necessary. When he said I should give it a try, I agreed and followed him to Dr. Helena’s Akubekam center. I was very impressed with the facilities and after two hours of treatment by Dr. Helena herself, I felt alert and light. My nasal blockages were cleared and I noticed that my breathing was smooth and easy.

    The next morning, I sneezed only three times instead of the usual twenty and managed to carry out my subuh prayers smoothly. Other days followed with no more sneezing at all and I could sleep without my shirt on, which I have never been able to do for the last twenty years. I must admit that I had tried all types of treatments, modern as well as complimentary, including an operation with GIIKL. Now, I am really happy because my sinus does not give me any more problems and I feel no side effects from this treatment.


    Terima kasih,
    - Hj. Saiddon B. Daud (Selangor)

  4. I got to know of this alternative medicine through family members and friends. Being a first timer, I was a wee bit skeptical and quite nervous of having a go at it. But since my husband was diagnosed with gout recently, we told ourselves, why not. Finally, bracing ourselves, we made our first visit to Dr. Helena’s clinic.

    Both of us had a treatment and I found that it worked wonders for my backaches and headaches. My husband felt that he was more cool-headed and got upset less easily. Two days after we had our Akubekam treatment, an inconsiderate driver nearly knocked our car but somehow we didn't feel so worked up as we normally do with Malaysian drivers and incidences like this. I am definitely coming back for more treatments and have recommended Akubekam to my friends and family members.

    Thank you,
    - NN

  5. For a long time, I felt pain all over my body which has made my arms and legs so weak. This condition made me very helpless and I couldn’t even shower using cool water. I have gone to many specialists and underwent many treatments, i.e. homeopathy, reflexology and traditional treatments, but none of them really worked.

    It was my brother who introduced me to Akubekam and I went for a treatment without hesitation. Thank God, after a series of treatment, my condition has improved a great deal. Today, I still come to Akubekam from time to time to get an overhaul.

    - Puan Mariani Mahamad

  6. As a young man, I do not really understand why I have aches and pains all over my body. I have met with a few specialists and also tried some alternate therapies without any success. When I was complaining about my ailments to my friends, one of them recommended me to do Akubekam. He had had the same problem before but got better after getting treated by Dr. Helena. I went to the clinic straight away that afternoon as I cannot stand the pain any longer, and I can tell you that it is just like a miracle. My aches and pain are gone and I am more alert and active to do my business. Believe me, Akubekam really works.

    Terima Kasih,
    - Emir b. Yahaya

  7. As an IT specialist who works in front of the computer all day, I often get backaches and stiff shoulders. At first I just ignore them but overtime, the pain can get really unbearable. I noticed a colleague of mine always seemed so healthy, so I asked what he did to stay so fit. He told me about Akubekam and suggested that I get a treatment, so I did. Now, I feel better than ever! Thank you Dr. Helena and Akubekam for getting rid of my backache!

    Thank you,
    - A. Alim (Kuala Lumpur)

  8. During a basketball practice, my son accidentally tore his muscle. I took him to a doctor but after a few months, he still felt a nagging pain in his leg. I did not want him to take too many pain killers because I’m afraid they will have harmful side effects. A relative of ours suggested Akubekam, so I took my son to a clinic near our home. At first he was really afraid that it would hurt but he was a good boy and kept still. After the treatment was done, he said that it hadn’t hurt at all and that he felt a lot better. We went back for two more treatments and now my son feels no pain at all. He is even practicing for a big competition next month. I’m really thankful for Dr. Helena and Akubekam for helping my son get better.

    - Abdul and Puan Siti Aisha (Selangor)

  9. I first went to get an Akubekam treatment to get rid of my constant headaches. When I arrived at the clinic, I was amazed because everything was so clean and modern. The clinic specialists were also very professional and friendly. They did a great job with the treatment and I didn’t feel any pain at all. I came home that day feeling very refreshed and my headaches hadn’t come back since. Thank you Akubekam, I will definitely recommend this treatment to everyone.

    - William Koh (Kuala Lumpur)

  10. Ever since I hit puberty, I always felt a great pain in my stomach during my period. Once the pain was so bad that I had to skip school and stay in bed the whole day. For me, it was an awful experience. My mother decided to take me to get an Akubekam treatment after she heard it from a friend. At first I didn’t want to go because I was afraid that it would hurt, but after my last episode I told myself that a little prick was nothing compared to the pain I usually felt. When I finally did the treatment, I was surprised that it did not hurt at all! In fact, it made me feel light and vigorous. Also, since I had the treatment, the menstrual pain never came back. Thank you Akubekam for healing me!

    Best regards,
    - Nurlaela (Johor Bahru)