Our Specialists

Dr. Hajah Helena AbdullahDr. Hajah Helena Abdullah
Dr. Hajah Helena Abdullah Ph.D, MD (MA) SRN (Aust) is a well known complementary medical practitioner in Peninsular Malaysia. Her passion and dedication for helping other people to restore their health has leaded her to conduct a research on Akubekam, a unique Malaysian treatment. With experience gained from clinical practise and scientific research together with Dr. Sharifah Junaidah MD (MA) and Dr. Syed Azhar MBBS (Malaya), Dr. Helena established her first Akubekam practice in 1990. Today, 6 Akubekam centres are pioneered around Peninsular Malaysia.

Before Akubekam practice was established, Dr. Helena was a dedicated staff nurse for 25 years in healthcare service. The long years of working as a nurse allowed her to develop an understanding and care for the patient’s needs.

Besides assisting patients on their way to recovery, Dr. Helena is also an active contributor in the field of complementary medicine. To date, she has written and published three highly readable books in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Arabic.


Dr. Sharifah JunaidahDr. Sharifah Junaidah
Dr. Sharifah Junaidah MD (MA) is a bright and enthusiastic complementary medical practitioner who participated in Dr. Helena’s Akubekam research. Currently she is actively involved in assisting patients in the Akubekam centres.





Dr. Syed AzharDr. Syed Azhar
Dr. Syed Azhar MBBS (Malaya) is a fervent complimentary medical practitioner associated with Dr. Helena in Akubekam research to find new ways for treating their patients. His practice focuses sincerely on patient’s healthcare.

Before participating in Dr. Helena’s Akubekam research, Dr. Syed was a trained surgeon who earned his degree at the University of Malaya. For several years, he worked in government hospitals but decided to give up his career because Akubekam allows him to go deeper into natural healing and to open up some alternative methods which is safer and more effective. The research goes on with guidance from Allah and for Allah to mankind.