How Akubekam Works

There is a complex system of channels in which blood and chi (vital energy) flows within the body. There are 14 channels in the human body that the blood passes to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the vital organs. Human beings can’t live without oxygen, so the circulation of fresh blood is important for the body to maintain its functions. The blood flow and chi is disrupted and formation of blood stasis occurred when there are high levels of toxin in the body causing great discomfort and serious illnesses. Akubekam was applied to get rid of these obstructions and cleanses the blood in an appropriate Islamic method.

An Akubekam treatment begins with locating the ‘problem spot’, which is the place identified as an area of clotted blood and energy flow. The skin is pricked using a sterile lancet and a plastic cup is positioned to the spot. Pressure is applied through a hand pump attached to the cup, creating a tight vacuum force which caused stagnant blood that contains toxin, and trapped chi to flow through out the pricked skin. The whole procedure is almost painless and does not leave any harmful side effects. Scarring may appear on the area of skin that is pricked. However, it will disappear within 3 to 5 days, leaving the skin fair and smooth.

The effects of Akubekam can be felt instantly after the procedure was taken place. The body will quickly restore its balance and the patient will feel light and vigorous after the static blood is removed. Other effects felt by patients after Akubekam treatment includes the increase of vitality and feeling of inner peace.

Akubekam utilizes natural body resources, such as enzymes and hormones to heal the body and it does not apply to any conventional drugs. It is assured to be safe and effective as these substances are more attuned to the body and there will be are no drug overdose, non allergic reaction and gives very specific action since it counters certain parts of the body.

There are many diseases that can be treated by Akubekam. Many case studies involving bronchial asthma, migraine, gingivitis, conjunctivitis, gastritis and stiff shoulder syndrome have shown speedy and complete resolution with no side effects. Usually, one treatment is enough to get rid of light illnesses such as headaches and stiffness. However, some diseases may require several treatments depending on the level of severity. Please do not hesitate to consult our specialists for further information.